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Limited Edition : Pur Natur Tangerines 370G

It’s tangerine time again…

it will be a pity to eat tangerines only as a fruit.
That's why Pur Natur has just launched a 'Limited edition' of 370g with sweet tangerines.
They have been ripening under the hot Spanish sun.
More over, the tinny chopped rind, gives to this jam a smooth & unique bitterness.
This is an ideal choice to decorate your yoghourt, your cheese or even your delicious pie

Confiture L'Ardennaise

2, route de Marche

Tel : +32 (0)4 228 91 59
Fax : +32 (0)4 369 12 69

BE 0441.163.423
IBAN: BE 67 7340 0394 6087

Email : chloe@confiturelardennaise.com

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