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Our values

For over 60 years, L'Ardennaise has been improving its process of producing traditional and organic jams and marmalades according to the old homemade recipes.

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History : Ardennes’ purity in jams and marmalades


In 1954, the company « COMEL » (former name of ‘Confiture L’Ardennaise’) was born in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes, in a small village called Xhoris in the upper part of Aywaille. At the time, the main activity of the small family firm’s founder was the production of honey. After several honey crop failures, he decided to engage in the production of traditional jams.

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Core strengths

1. Our Organic certificate is the proof of our high quality products.

 The European label certified by BE-BIO-01

2. You can recognize our philosophy at our simple and typical packaging.

3. Our raw materials are selected by our suppliers with whom we have been working for more than 20 years.

4. Innovation : our production process has been patented since 2016 on European level. This unique process, developed in cooperation with the University of Copenhagen, gives our jams an extraordinary flavor and texture.

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The production process

During the production process hygiene, quality and use of energy are some of the most important factors. The production unit is IFS (higher level) certified. Furthermore, our quality service applies rigorous quality standards. All raw material and final products are always tested and analyzed thoroughly.

Innovate? This is our daily challenge; the best proof is our cooking system that we developed together with the University of Copenhagen and that has been patented on European level since 2016. With this system we can cook our fruit under vacuum at a low temperature (not higher than 65°), regain the evaporated aromas and reinsert them in the final product.

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Confiture L'Ardennaise

2, route de Marche

Tel : +32 (0)4 228 91 59
Fax : +32 (0)4 369 12 69

BE 0441.163.423
IBAN: BE 67 7340 0394 6087

Email : chloe@confiturelardennaise.com

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