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Our values

For over 60 years, L'Ardennaise has been improving its process of producing traditional and organic jams and marmalades according to the old homemade recipes.

We are a family business, situated in Xhoris, the heart of the Belgian Ardennes. Our flexibility is our main goal.

Innovation ?

This is our daily challenge, that’s why we invested in 2009 in a new cooking system. With this system we can cook our fruit under vacuum at a low temperature and recover the evaporated aromas with a condensor. We reinsert those aromas in the final product and this gives a very intense flavor, big chunks of fruit and a nice color. Our products are all natural, we don’t add any colorants or conservatives.

This innovation was realized in collaboration with the University of Copenhagen and seems to be unique in Europe. We requested a patent and this request has been obtained on European level in 2016.

Confiture l’Ardennaise enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide thanks to the quality of our products and the exclusive brand. Our products are sold in over more than 20 countries in Europe and the rest of the world such as the USA, Japan, Australia, China, ...

Quality ?

During the production process, hygiene and quality are one of the most important factors. The production unit is IFS (higher level) certified. To earn this certification we have a well performing quality service and newest technologies. Our customer satisfaction is our most important aim. We do everything that is necessary in order to have a satisfied consumer. Our quality is not a coincidence.

Thanks to our organic certificate, that we have been needing to earn each year for more than 15 years now, our production team passes regular controls and even unannounced ones. We only work with certified suppliers and do regular analyses on our raw materials.

Flexibility ?

Our force is that we are very flexible, that we are always trying to meet our customers' needs, and that we can deliver from 1 pallet or several containers in a very short time, either in our brand or in private label.


Confiture L'Ardennaise

2, route de Marche

Tel : +32 (0)4 228 91 59
Fax : +32 (0)4 369 12 69

BE 0441.163.423
IBAN: BE 67 7340 0394 6087

Email : chantal@confiturelardennaise.com

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