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How to pay?

Once you have selected the products you want to buy and you have sent your order,
you have three options to pay your order:

If you have VISA or MasterCard, or you have a PayPal account

In this case, click on the PayPal / VISA / MasterCard logo and you’ll be redirected to the secure PayPal payment site.
We’ll prepare your order as soon as payment is made.

If you pay by bank transfer

In this case, check the email you received and follow payment instructions communicating the number of your order.
We’ll send your order as soon as we have received your payment.

You can also pay when picking up your order at our offices in Xhoris.

Confiture L'Ardennaise

2, route de Marche

Tel : +32 (0)4 228 91 59
Fax : +32 (0)4 369 12 69

BE 0441.163.423
IBAN: BE 67 7340 0394 6087

Email : chantal@confiturelardennaise.com

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