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The production process

During the production process hygiene, quality and use of energy are some of the most important factors. The production unit is IFS (higher level) certified. Furthermore, our quality service applies rigorous quality standards. All raw material and final products are always tested and analyzed thoroughly.

Innovate? This is our daily challenge; the best proof is our cooking system that we developed together with the University of Copenhagen and that has been patented on European level since 2016. With this system we can cook our fruit under vacuum at a low temperature (not higher than 65°), regain the evaporated aromas and reinsert them in the final product.

This way of producing jam is unique and has proven its worth. Confiture l’Ardennaise already won different prizes in the past with his organic jams thanks to the intense flavor

On each product a lot code and a best before date are printed and the goods are stocked carefully in a suitable warehouse. Other quality tests are done during the time that the products are in the warehouse and if we find the slightest imperfection; the product is removed and we examine what to do to avoid this in the future. Our team always stays alert. Our small family business is constructed on an openminded policy.


Confiture L'Ardennaise

2, route de Marche

Tel : +32 (0)4 228 91 59
Fax : +32 (0)4 369 12 69

BE 0441.163.423
IBAN: BE 67 7340 0394 6087

Email : chantal@confiturelardennaise.com

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